Mission:data is a coalition of top technology companies that use energy data to help consumers and businesses save money and use energy efficiently. Mission:data’s 30+ members represent nearly $1 billion/year in advanced energy management business across North America. The coalition’s two organizing principles are the following:

  • Consumers ought to have access to the best available consumption and cost information from their utility meter (whether via the so-called ‘backhaul’ or directly from the meter using the Home Area Network);
  • Access to usage and cost data in all utility territories should adhere to nationally-recognized standards and best practices, Green Buttonsuch as Green Button ‘Connect My Data’.

Mission:data is active in several states where it contributes to public utility commission proceedings covering smart meters, privacy, and data access.

Originally co-created by MTS, Mission:data is now a separate non-profit, although MTS provides ongoing technical assistance and policy guidance.