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Coordination of Transmission and Distribution Operations in a High Distributed Energy Resource Electric Grid

California is rapidly decarbonizing its electricity grid through increased reliance on decentralized production, storage and management of electricity use. To maintain reliable customer service in a more decentralized power grid, California’s grid operators are finding new ways to coordinate operations.  The new practices are highlighted in a report released by MTS titled “Coordination of Transmission and Distribution Operations in a High Distributed Energy Resource Electric Grid,” prepared by the California Independent System Operator, Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric with MTS.  The report describes the challenges of operating a high distributed energy resource grid, and recommends a number of new, proactive exchanges of information between CAISO, utilities, and DER service providers. 

Click here for the full report, click here for the press release and check out our June 26th webinar with the report authors. 

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Data and the Electricity Grid: A Roadmap for Using System Data to Build a Plug & Play Grid

The technology and policy changes driving the increased customer adoption of solar panels, battery storage, and more integrated distributed energy resource (DER) solutions are forcing a sea change in the role of data and technology in the electricity grid. “Data and The Electricity Grid: A Roadmap for Using Grid Data to Build a Plug & Play Grid”, is written by industry leaders Aram Shumavon, Paul De Martini, and Laura Wang, to help policy-makers and interested stakeholders prioritize the types of data …
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Got Data: The Value of Energy Data Access to Consumers

This report outlines how providing access to customer energy use data from “smart meters” can help state policymakers and advocates reach their renewable energy and climate goals faster. It outlines how advanced metering can be used to accelerate energy efficiency with data protocols like Green Button while protecting customer privacy. With modernization efforts underway to make the electric grid cleaner and more efficient, many states are investigating how to best structure the electricity sector in order to promote renewables…
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More Than SmartMore Than Smart: A Framework to Make the Distribution Grid More Open, Efficient and Resilient

This paper is based on the discussions at the first two More Than Smart workshops as edited by Paul De Martini of the Resnick Sustainability Institute at the California Institute of Technology. The More Than Smart initiative is managed by Tony Brunello of the Greentech Leadership Group through the support of the Energy Foundation. The 2nd workshop was facilitated by John Danner of UC Berkeley.  For information regarding the workshop…
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Planning for More Distributed Energy Resources on the Grid

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, battery storage and demand response are now increasingly competitive economically, and these technologies offer great opportunity to transform our electric power system.  However, there is a larger concern shared by some that the grid could become unreliable if local DER provides too much peak power. With the electricity grid rapidly moving to a more distributed model, this paper defines what it takes to start planning…
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Smart Customer Guide: Demand-side Innovation for the Electric Grid

Recent grid upgrades implemented by the largest electric utilities in California blended with a revolution in energy data processing and energy saving technologies have the potential to transform the way California consumers generate and use electricity, and to move us toward a cleaner, more efficient energy future. From state and national agencies, to environmental and consumer groups, there is near universal agreement that consumers, given the knowledge, motivation and tools they need to participate…
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Get Smart Guide: Energy Innovation for the Consumer Electronics Industry

The allure of consumer electronics has been a part of our society since Thomas Edison’s first power plant was built in the early 1880s. The idea of owning a device that took on a life of its own, when supplied with electricity, was a fascination nearly everyone shared. Even during the Great Depression, U.S. Census figures showed that over 12 million residents had new radios, 75% of which were purchased on installation payments due to the dark financial times. Since then, interest in consumer electronics has only grown…
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