Smart Electronics LogoMTS’s Smart Electronics Initiative (SEI) is a unique collaborative of consumer electronic designers, manufacturers, and retailers working together with policymakers, academia and NGOs to promote the production and use of the most energy efficient consumer electronic devices in the world. Early leaders for the initiative include ARM Holdings, Belkin, Marvell, ON Semiconductor, Power Integrations, UC Davis, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and other companies.

Currently, the fastest growing component of residential energy use relates to plug in devices. Regulators struggle with how to make individual devices more energy efficient while the total number of devices and their energy loads increase.  This will take a new approach to promoting efficiency linked with more efficient devices that model the efficiency gains SEI members generate, a growing ability by these devices to link and turn down energy use for things such as demand response, and the ability to reduce energy use at high use times to provide a service to the distribution grid.  MTS’s efforts are related to all three areas in helping to develop solutions for a more efficient and connected future.

Is there a vampire in your home?
Vampire Power is on the rise. MTS created an outreach video to bring attention to this topic.  The EPA estimates the be-fanged menace accounts for more than $10 billion in energy costs in the U.S. and tons of unnecessary carbon emissions

California Energy Commission Title 20 Standards