image__1435079325_74668Tony Brunello
President and Founder
Tony Brunello is the President and Founder of More than Smart, a nonprofit organization that works to upgrade state electricity distribution grids to enable more distributed energy resources (DER) and to move towards a network grid architecture. Tony, a former top energy official in California, has worked on energy and climate issues at the state, national, and international level for the past 15 years for industry, government and nonprofit organizations.

Tony co-founded MTS’s distribution grid work in partnership with Caltech and the California’s Governor’s Office. MTS’s distribution grid planning model is based on utility grid engineering fundamentals linked with a unique state stakeholder integration process and the ability to develop politically feasible solutions. Tony also started MTS’s Mission:data program, a national coalition of innovative technology companies that empower consumers with access to their own energy usage data. His work on MTS’s Smart Electronics Initiative has promoted customer-linked efficient electronics to provide efficiency services.

Tony is also a Partner at California Stategies, LLC.  Brunello has a Master’s of Science in Environmental and Resource Economics from University College London and a B.A. in both Environmental Studies and Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  He lives in Oakland with his wife and two daughters.

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