More Than Smart leads Working Groups to facilitate conversations around the evolution of California’s distribution system and the seamless integration of DER to meet customers’ needs and public policy, with a goal of identifying potential common ground. 

  • The California Distribution Resource Plan Working Groups (led by CPUC)
    The California PUC required IOUs to develop Distribution Resource Plan proposals to improve the state’s distribution grid capacity to add more DER while improving safety, reducing costs and ensuring reliability. MTS facilitates two of the Integrated Capacity Analysis (ICA) and Locational Net Benefit Analysis (LNBA) Working Groups under this rulemaking. More information and materials for these Working Groups can be found here.
  • Transmission to Distribution Operational Interface Working Group
    MTS has led the T-D Interface Working Group to develop a coordination framework for the distribution utility and the transmission and wholesale market operator to coordinate activities to ensure stable, reliable operation of the distribution and transmission systems and the interfaces between them, in an electric system with high DER penetration, both behind the customer meter and on the utility side of the meter. For more information on how to join our monthly meetings, please contact us.
  • More Than Smart Working Groups
    MTS’s inaugural Working Group works to provide an open, voluntary stakeholder forum to educate and discuss core issues toward identifying potential common ground regarding the evolution of California’s distribution system and the seamless integration of DER to meet customers’ needs and public policy. These meetings led to the development of the Walk-Jog-Run framework paper. View our other resources from this Working Group here.
  • U.S. Department of Energy’s Distribution System Platform of Tomorrow (DSPx)
    This project supports the creation of an integrated distributed electricity system and evaluates innovative approaches to engage stakeholders in its development. MTS contributes to DSPx efforts through facilitation, outreach to state leaders, and development of policy reports. Catch up on the first phase of the DSPx initiative. 
  • Hawaii hosts more DER on its distribution grid, in terms of percent of total peak load, than any other state in the country. MTS has partnered with the University of Hawaii to support the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission to develop a conceptual Walk/Jog/Run framework with Hawaiian stakeholders and address priority grid needs that have arisen with the increase of DER deployment.

More Than Smart lends its extensive experience to the development of distribution resources planning through the following initiatives:

  • New York’s “Reforming the Energy Vision” proceeding has been a thought leader for how to promote DER in a way that will lead to regulatory changes and more customer choice in how electricity is managed and consumed. More Than Smart’s technical leader Paul de Martini was requested to work with New York joint utilities to develop a planning and market design framework that adapts MTS’s Walk/Jog/Run framework that fits with existing grid realities.
  • Minnesota started its “Grid Modernization” proceeding in May 2015, led by PUC Commissioner Nancy Lange. The state has a net metering program and is seeing increased amounts of distributed solar on the distribution grid.

Contact us if you would like more information about joining a California Working Group or would like to create a Working Group in your state.